Google’s latest update – is your business affected?

On Monday 21st April, Google implemented an important algorithmic update, which has an adverse effect for many businesses.

It relates to websites that aren’t responsive to mobile devices.

Google wants to encourage a mobile-friendly user experience, and a by-product of this is that those sites that resize to fit mobiles and tablets, will receive a boost in search rankings; whilst those that don’t will witness a sharp decrease in web traffic.

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How I can verify?

To check if you have a responsive website, click on this link and type in your website address

If it’s not mobile friendly, it will tell you the reasons why.

We can help resolve this issue, and the sooner it is fixed, the less impact it will have on your business. While it means that you need to invest in getting this done, responsive websites now help to generate a greater ROI - and this will soon be evident to your business.

Dial 0203 397 7545 if you’d like to discuss this further – you’ll find our fast turnaround times will help minimise any profit loss from this latest update.

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