Content needs to be

  • Grammatically Accurate
  • Keyword Based
  • Relevant
  • Engaging

Website copy that is poorly written creates customer distrust – it comes across as spam. Bad spelling and grammar can instantly turn off your hard-earned website traffic (as much as 65% according to a Google study), pushing them away into the open arms of competitors.

Regardless as to how good a service or product you offer, the professionalism and integrity of both yourself and your website have been questioned before they even fully understand your service offerings.

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Plan Your Website Content

How do you expect to convert your web traffic to customers when you don’t have a considered approach to website content?

Five Rivers

Copywriting skills need to be strong in order to create a message that entices your visitors and stimulates customer growth. Many companies try to do this on the cheap, and this invariably results in either

  • Writing it themselves but lack the necessary expertise
  • Finding a copywriter whose English is their second language
  • Using someone they know who has no previous experience

Businesses who choose to go down the cheaper route will lose considerably more customers. After all, you get what you pay for!

Isn’t it obvious therefore, that employing a content marketing agency for copywriting services will drive your business forward, and reward you with a significant return?

Our Copy-“Righting” Service will identify

  • Grammatical and Syntax Issues
  • High performing keywords you should be targeting
  • Improvements to information structure
  • Internal linking opportunities

Every minute that passes is another minute you’re losing out. Call 0203 397 7545 now to increase your customer prospects.

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